Jaza designs integrated energy solutions for the 1+ billion people living without electricity. Our energy products range from generation and controls to distribution and end-use. We strive for product excellence by designing for durability, efficiency, cost, and user experience. Education and work experience is great, but we mostly care about your abilities. We are looking for people who exhibit the following traits:

Competitors: People who work hard, work fast, and work smart. Solving energy for the last Billion is not going to be easy.

Builders: People who make things. Objects, electronics, art, code, whatever. Preferably all of the above.

Architects: People who can design and analyze complicated systems and also describe how they work.

Learners: Curious people who devour information and find joy in acquiring new skills. We are all just figuring this out as we go.


Open Positions

Software Engineer(s) (Halifax, NS)

You will build internal tools that will help us run operations and inform strategy. You know a lot about databases and data analysis. You write great code and can ship. We are built on Laravel (PHP), run on Linux, with a Postgres database.

Design Engineer(s) (Halifax, NS)

You will be involved in the design of mechanical and/or electrical aspects of our energy products. You have (or really, really want to have) expertise in at least a few of the following: enclosures/injection moulding, technical documentation/BOMs, procurement/manufacturing, power electronics, controls, embedded systems, firmware development, IoT frameworks, product development cycles, testing/validation.

Technical Lead (Tanzania)

You will be responsible for deploying our technology and keeping it online. Manage a team of technicians to install, commission, and operate distributed energy systems. Manage inventory and project schedules. You should have experience with industrial electronics and controls, energy systems, and managing a team. You speak Swahili. Find out more

Technician(s) (Tanzania)

Be responsible for assembling, installing and troubleshooting equipment in the field and in the workshop. You should have electrical experience and a valid driver’s license. Find out more


All positions are full-time and compensation is commensurate with experience. Jaza is an equal opportunity employer. To apply get in touch: careers at jazaenergy.com